IJC provides end to end support to Japanese SMEs who plan to set up their business in India. Due to our long association with Japan, we understand very well the environment you are coming from. We act as an effective bridge to take you to another environment in India where we have well established contacts with Markets, Industry, Government and Financial Institutions.

Our uniqueness stems from our fundamental approach to actively participate with our clients and partners. We work hands-on with promoters, management and operating teams to provide strategic direction & operational support.

IJC provides sufficient time to facilitate cross fertilization of business ideas. We arrange mutual visits and arrange meetings with appropriate decision makers for confidence building and win- win negotiations.

After understanding your business goals, we carry out pre-investment feasibility studies along with associated business risks.

We help you with your entry strategy and fill in gaps wherever required. We assist you to find a suitable partner. In case your product needs evaluation or field trials, we manage the complete program. Often you need to get approvals from central /state governments, financial institutions and test laboratories for which you can depend on us for efficient facilitation.

We assist in getting funding for your project so that you can focus on critical aspects of implementation.

Our team has worked with SMEs for several decades and understands their compulsions and strengths.

We keep databases and track changing policies, competition and technology so that when you interact with us, you get full view of the environment in which you are aiming to succeed.

We also provide handholding during setting up and installation of your business which involves guidance on regulatory/legal requirements related to accounting, infrastructure, labor, quality, environment, health, safety, training and intellectual property. We maintain links, in India as well as Japan, with Associations for Micro Small & Medium Enterprises, Chamber of Commerce, Business News and New Policy Releases to assist you with any latest development. This helps in optimizing your road map in terms of resources, cost optimization and new opportunities.

We can facilitate your business expansion through digital marketing and help you network for expansion in Middle East, Africa, SAARC and ASEAN.

Make in India and sell anywhere!

Why IJC?

・Focus on Micro Small Medium Enterprises leading to rapid delivery

・One Stop Service Commitment

・Conscientious Pricing

・Spirit of Waste Elimination and Continuous Improvement

・Clarity in simplified bilingual communication

・Strong Networking in India as well as Japan

・Multi-disciplinary Knowledge and skills in-house to

drive the projects

・Agility to resolve problems hands-on

・Firsthand Experience with entire Life Cycle of

SMEs- inception to diversification

・Global Mindset

・Understanding of cross-cultural issues

Why India?


・Low cost skilled labor

・Big and growing Demand

・Willingness to try new technology

・Upbeat mood for high growth – Make in India

・Political stability

Why Japan?

・Technology Edge

・Ability to Invest

・Japanese SMEs looking beyond China and ASEAN

・Long Term Political & Strategic needs